Changing your details

You may need to change your account details if you have changed your:

Name change

If you change your name due to marriage or by deed poll, you can either send the original deed or certificate or send a copy which has been certified by a solicitor. All original documents will be returned to you. There is no charge for this service.

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Change of address

If your Lambeth property is not your main home or you sublet your property, you should provide us with a forwarding address because, as the leaseholder, we will still need to serve notices of works and account statements to you. You should put address details in writing to home ownership services.

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Change of ownership

If you bought your property, your solicitor should have served a notice of assignment or transfer, informing us of your purchase along with the £35 fee. If someone decides they want to be taken off or added onto the title deeds, once the change has taken place, a notice of assignment or transfer will need to be served along with the appropriate fee.

In the event of a death, you will need to either send the original death certificate or a certified copy of the certificate to home ownership services and the account will be updated accordingly.

There is no fee for this service. However, if the property is subject to probate, when the Notice of Probate is granted, this will need to be served (original or certified copy) to home ownership services.

This information is in accordance with the terms of our leases.

You can bring original deeds, certificates and documents to the office by appointment. Contact our Home ownership services to arrange an appointment.

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