Information about the risk of asbestos in your home

It is estimated that asbestos containing materials can be found in over four million buildings in the UK. Building materials containing asbestos were used throughout the 1900's. Asbestos can sometimes be found in:

  • corrugated roofing or sheet walling for garages
  • building boards for partitions and lofts
  • floor and ceiling tiles and textured ceiling plaster (Artex)
  • floor tiles
  • wall and bath panels
  • insulating material round pipes and boilers
  • water tanks in lofts
  • cement sheet roofs and roof tiles.

Risk to health

Asbestos is safe if it is in good condition and is not damaged. However there is a risk if it is damaged and releases fibres which are then inhaled. If asbestos is in poor condition or gets damaged, or releases fibres into the air in any way, you, your family and others may be at risk.

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