Abandoned or removed vehicles

Removal of abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles can make an area look unattaractive, make residents feel unsafe and attract anti-social behaviour.

We will remove untaxed vehicles and those that we believe to be a health and safey risk. If you have a statutory off road notice, you need to display this with a valid Resident parking permit.

If your vehicle has a red or green sticker placed on the windscreen, you must notify your local Area office and call the number on the sticker.

Destorying abandoned vehicles

If your vehicle is persistently stickered and you do not contact us the vehicle will be marked for immediate removal and taken to the pound where it will incur charges. If you do not collect your vehicle within 90 days, it will be destroyed.

Free vehicle removal and scrap service

We also offer a free removal and scrap service to our residents who no longer want their vehicle.

You will need to prove that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle, by presenting your vehicle log book or VQ5 at your local Area office.

You can also post these documents along with details of the location of the vehicle and your name and phone number to your local Area office.

Contact us

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Call: 0800 088 0088

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