Green Community Champions

This information is provided by Susan Sheehan, Green Community Champions Officer, Lambeth Council. Please find links to the newsletters in column to the left.

What is the Lambeth Green Community Champions programme?

Lambeth has been inspired by the good work being done by people organising themselves into community groups to make it easier for them to take action on climate change. It has created a programme, run by Sue Sheehan, to support those groups, help set up new groups and share best practice. Sue is aiming to resource those groups as much as possible and has lots of ideas but please also let her know what you need via email on

Carbon reduction

The government has launched its white paper on meeting carbon reduction commitments. It is called the UK’s Low Carbon Transition Plan. Kees Frederiks is the contact for the Brixton Low Carbon Zone.

Some exciting events are coming up!

This week...

  • Sustainability Forum, Thursday, 18 March. The subject is everyone's favourite - food!

We would like to use the forum to gather evidence for policy regarding food-growing projects led/supported by the council and for a need for a Lambeth Food Strategy. Susan will be making a presentation on food-growing and what the council does now, and her colleague Sophie Neuburg will speak about some of the preliminary work she has been doing for a Lambeth Food Strategy.

We would like to ask some questions now - that will help us make sure that relevant themes are discussed at the forum. This is not a formal consultation and there will be plenty of opportunity to comment further and have input on the work we are doing after the forum (i.e. you can talk to us any time!). Even if you have talked to us and you think we know your views, we would like to ask you to write a few comments down as this can then be used as evidence.

We would also like to ask you about your ideas for future forum themes, as we do tend to run out of time to discuss this fully at the actual event. The questions:

  1. What are the barriers to growing your own food in Lambeth? What support do you need?
  2. What priorities do you think a Lambeth Food Strategy should focus on?
  3. What themes would you like discussed at future forums (four each year). Your own ideas or your support for any of those in the list below?

Some of the themes we have discussed are:

  • Sustainable Communities (input to new strategy under development this year)
  • Local/Green Economy
  • Sustainable Transport
  • Skills/training
  • Retrofitting
  • Financing Green Initiatives


  • Vale Street Recycling Centre on Monday, 22 March 2023

We have been invited to visit the Vale Street Recycling Centre with the waste strategy officer Kevin Crook. This is a chance to ask questions about how exactly some of our recycling is dealt with and what plans there are for the future.

The visit will take place at 10.30am on Monday, 22 March. Please meet on site. We will be asked to wear hi-vis tops so if you are a cyclist you know what to wear.

More information about the centre can be found on the Lambeth website.

Follow the link to see the location of the site is on a map.

Please let Susan know if you are planning to come so she can have an idea of numbers, although you are also welcome to just turn up.

  • Energy Savings Trust Training Day on 31 March. It is free to attend and the theme is “Making it Happen”. It will run from 10am to 4:30pm.

It will be held in Brixton and the location will be confirmed shortly.

If you are thinking of starting or have started a Community Project this is definitely a must. Please see the course outline (PDF 58KB) for the making it happen training.

It is free for Green Community members so to book your place, please contact the Green Communities team on 0844 848 0077 or email

You can also register online and become a Green Communities member

If you are already a Green Community member then you can book your place online.

There are only a limited number of places so please book in early.

  • E.ON Sustainable Energy Fund

The deadlines for applications are 2 April and 8 October 2010.

The E.ON Sustainable Energy Fund, which supports community energy projects, has announced new deadlines for 2010.

Community groups, charities and not-for-profit organisations that benefit education groups, vulnerable people or people in fuel poverty can apply for grants of up to £20,000, for up to 90% of costs, to implement sustainable energy projects in community buildings. Joint proposals, for example with local authorities, will be considered although the community organisation must lead the application.

To be eligible, projects must:

  • result in the creation of renewable energy and/or a reduction in the amount of energy used
  • have a positive impact on the local community
  • have a measurable positive impact on the local environment which will most likely be demonstrated through carbon savings
  • be used for purchase and implementation of capital equipment, physical measures and associated costs
  • involve and/or have consent of the local community
  • be sustainable beyond the support of the Fund
  • be completed within 12 months of a grant being awarded.


  • UK Aware Green and Ethical Lifestyle exhibition at London Olympia 16-17 April.

Global Action Plan are offering discounted tickets. Tickets usually cost £10, however if people buy them through UK Aware they are only £6.

You can find out more information about UK Aware at

To get the discounted tickets please book through their website at

Who to contact

Susan Sheehan
Green Community Champions Officer
Housing, Regeneration & Environment
London Borough of Lambeth


Phone: 020 7926 7672
Mobile: 07961 342 247
Fax: 020 7926 6201

Kees Frederiks
Brixton Low Carbon Zone
Sustainability Unit
4th floor, Blue Star House
234-244 Stockwell Road


Phone: 020 7926 7672