Get involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved to improve housing in your area from joining a residents' or tenants' association to becoming a recycling champion.

Tenants' and residents' associations

Tenants' and residents' associations (TRA) play an important role in representing the interests of tenants and leaseholders in a particular local area (normally an estate). They are consulted on all issues related to the services provided to the estate by the area housing offices.

Find out more and how to join a tenants' or residents' association.

Tenant management organisations 

A tenant management organisation (TMO) is a means by which council tenants and leaseholders can collectively take on responsibility for managing their homes.

Find out more about about tenant management organsations.

Area forums and events

Each housing area has an area housing forum that holds meetings at least four times a year with additional meetings on an ad hoc basis. Leaseholders can participate in area leaseholder forums.

Find out more about area forums and events in your area.

Recycling champions

Recycling champions are people or resident groups with a keen interest in recycling issues who play an active part in promoting sustainable waste management and recycling in their local community.

Find out more and how to become a recycling champion.

Our commitment to you

We value your views and believe that we need to work in partnership with you to provide the type of housing services you require.

The Resident Involvement Service Standards sets out what we will do and how quickly we will do it. These standards are our commitment to you and they explain the level of service you can expect from us.