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  1. Vauxhall Gardens birdboxes November update

    Five designer birdboxes are part of Cool-it Art's project to feature young people's art to improve the environment in Vauxhall Gardens .

  2. Castle House celebrates 'Get Online' week with sheltered scheme website

    Castle House sheltered housing scheme are proud to announce their very own website designed, made and managed by the residents themselves.

  3. Get online week October 2014

    Some estates offer free Internet access for residents. This week, our IT team are available to help you get online at our Digital Hubs.

  4. Architects start 'Live Project' searching for views on Clapham Orangery

    Sheffield University School of Architecture is starting a 6-week hands-on ‘Live project’ for a team of postgraduates to work on  consulting Notre Dame and Clapham residents on the future of the 18th-century Orangery site.

  5. Reintegration of Lambeth Living into Lambeth Council

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